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Posted on: January 29th 2021

A message from Gareth Nation

The strength and commitment from the Buckland Team has been unfaltering. As a school, we recognise the challenges that parents/carers have faced over the past 3 weeks and I’m proud of the team’s efforts to support the children and families of Buckland School. Miss Cridland has done a fantastic job managing Home Education for 6 year groups! Well done Miss Cridland - we’ve had an unprecedented number of positive comments from the community for all your hard work. Miss Sulivan has had an interesting start to her career at Buckland St. Mary to say the least but she has embraced the challenges with a confident and ‘can do’ attitude. The breadth and quality of provision for the children has been fantastic. Mrs Henning has provided some super Home Education for MfL, Mr Kalopsideotis has put his History knowledge to the test by supporting the teaching and learning of Roman Britain and Miss North and Mrs Blatcher have been assisting Ash Class strive towards their Early Learning Goals. Mrs Cann has assisted the school with setting up Home Testing procedures along with the vast array of administrative duties over the past 3 weeks.
The team have achieved a great deal since the start of the term and the teachers have stepped up to the expectations set upon them. The ‘buzz’ at Buckland School is a positive one thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the team. Parents/carers, please continue to maintain regular communication with the school and contact me via the school office if there is anything further we can do to support you. My thanks to those who attended the Parent Zoom sessions. I hope you found these informative and took some practical solutions from the session. I do not underestimate the challenging situation we’re all in and we all need to support each other so do get in touch.

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A Message from Mr Nation Posted on: 26/02/2021

A Message from Mr Nation

I hope you all had a lovely Half Term (despite the wind and rain, the fact that we couldn‟t travel anywhere or visit anyone). My children were pleased to have a break from their „usual‟ routine but it made me reflect on the importance of routines and the many challenges we all face in this current situation. I recall a book I once read called „Arthur‟ by Mikael Lindnord. Mikael is an adventure racer who stumbled across a dog on one of his races covering 435 miles. It‟s a story about resilience, perseverance and teamwork. A story about facing huge challenges and overcoming them with grit and determination. Throughout the book, it becomes apparent that to be a professional adventure racer you need to not only embrace change, but welcome changes and adopt new routines to overcome and conquer. Establishing new routines when we‟re experiencing changes beyond our control is not easy, yet so important. No matter what our circumstances have been throughout this turbulent period, we have all overcome and conquered and finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Arthur, the dog that eventually became such a dedicated companion of Mickael‟s, illustrates how we can support each other in times of need and how we can find hope and support in the most challenging of times. Everyone at school is looking forward to welcoming the children back with all of the necessary measures in place to keep staff and children as safe as we possibly can. I know this remains an anxious time for all of us but you know we‟re all here to support each other in the best interests of your wonderful children. More information will follow about the return of all primary school children from 8th March 2021.Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A message from Gareth Nation Posted on: 18/12/2020

A message from Gareth Nation

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2020. The staff and children have achieved so much this term despite the challenges we have faced.  As you approach Buckland School, you’re presented by a beautiful display of fairy lights around the perimeter of the school (well almost the perimeter!). It really does lift your spirits on these long, dark days! My thanks to the parents who supported and organised for these gorgeous Christmas lights. To get us in the festive spirit, the children have made Christingles, Ash have performed a nativity and our Discovery project has involved making high quality Christmas decorations. The children and staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure we’re enhancing the curriculum and that we’re working inline with our foundation subject’s ‘Statement of Intent’ (available on our website). The children of Beech Class have made some fantastic decorations this term and have applied their DT skills from last year. They have learnt about electricity and circuits, combining their skills to create a wonderful Christmas decoration. Oak Class have been budding scientists and Miss Auton has inspired them with her knowledge and expertise of plants and living things. They have also applied their DT skills when sewing their delightful Christmas decorations. Ash Class are now fully settled into school life thanks to Mrs Rundle, Miss Sullivan, Mrs Blatcher and Miss North. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly young children adapt to school life and thrive. You may recall from Autumn 1, our Discovery project was based on ‘our village’. We’re planning to take several clay sculptures, tiles and creations to Holyrood School to be fired as soon as it is safe to do so. Once completed, they will form a collective piece of artwork and a large installation of Buckland St. Mary (not to scale!). We will of course update you as soon as this is complete.  The other week, I met with a School Effectiveness Advisor from the Diocese of Bath and Wells. She was delighted to hear how our Christian vision has supported and guided us over the past months. The staff and children have shown such resilience, determination and courage. Team Buckland must once again, be very proud of what they have achieved.  My thanks to you as parents/carers for your continued support of the school. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.   Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A message from Gareth Nation Posted on: 20/11/2020

A message from Gareth Nation

What a busy week! My thanks to those of you who joined the teachers for parents evening. I appreciate these were a little different to normal but no doubt you managed to gain a good insight into your child’s education and how you can support at home. I've already received some positive comments which is lovely to hear. Since our last newsletter, the children have been working on their new Discovery project and are focusing on Design and Technology and Science. Based on the successes and impressive outcomes from last term's Discovery project in Art, I’m sure the standard of work will be just as strong if not better. The children have made a large clay installation of Buckland St. Mary. Every child has contributed and applied a range of skills to produce some fantastic outcomes. Once we're safely able to do so, we will take the creations to be fired and assemble the final installation! Watch this space! Please take time to look at some of the latest developments on our website. Under the ‘About Us/Curriculum’ section, you will find our Curriculum Statement of Intent as well as further detail of how and what we are teaching at school. Some of these sections are still under development but please enjoy learning more about the work we are doing to enhance the full curriculum we offer the children. Finally, my thanks to those parents who've sent messages of support to me and the team. I cannot emphasise how hard every member of staff is working in these exceptionally challenging times. Despite the obviously difficult situation, your child's/children's safety, wellbeing and learning remains at the heart of everything we do.Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
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