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A message from Helen Woodhams Posted on: 15/12/2017

A message from Helen Woodhams

As we approach the end of my first term at Buckland St Mary, may I thank everyone for your welcome and support. Firstly, the children whose spirit and kindness should make us all proud. It is a real joy to spend time with them in their classrooms, observing their enthusiasm and hard work. Secondly, the parents and community whose support of the school is so evident. I am overwhelmed by the number of volunteers who give their time so readily; reading with children and taking part in Forest School Activities. I have also enjoyed attending the different events organised by FOBS and am amazed by the amount of money raised each time. Yesterday evening at the Candlelight was magical and I am now eagerly looking forward to next Wednesday's Community Carol Service. I would also like to extend my thanks to the governing body, who have supported and worked with me in my first term- they work tirelessly behind the scenes and much of their work can go unnoticed. Finally, a huge thanks must go out to all the staff who make Buckland St Mary such a special place for all the children. They are a great team of people and I have enjoyed getting to know them.  2018 is going to be a busy and exciting year here at Buckland St Mary. We are planning to relaunch our Afterschool Provision in the new year to include a range of different activities such as Sports, Cooking and Crafts. Watch this space! I would also like to invite you to come in for a ‘Tea and Chat’ next Wednesday 20th from 2.45pm– an opportunity to share what is going well and ideas for the future. However for the moment, may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year. With the staff in training on the 8th January, we look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday 9th January.  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A Message from Helen Woodhams Posted on: 1/12/2017

A Message from Helen Woodhams

A message from Helen Woodhams:     As we proceed towards the end of term I have several announcements to make: Firstly we will be saying a fond farewell to Mrs Karen Burnside, who has worked at Buckland St Mary school for many years but has now made the difficult decision to leave us due to family commitments. I’m sure many of you would like to make a donation towards a gift to say thank you, which we will present to her at a  special assembly at the end of the school term. Please bring donations to the school office. Secondly, I am delighted to welcome back Mr Simon Billington, who many of you will know from his time as Headteacher here. Mr Billington, who is also on the board of The Redstart Learning Partnership has joined the Local Advisory Board for Buckland St Mary School and following on from Lexi’s resignation, has agreed to take on the role of Chair. He really enjoyed reacquainting himself and spent a morning her this week in class with the teachers and children. It was lovely to hear how impressed he was with the quality of teaching and learning , together with the children’s enthusiasm. We are also looking to welcome an additional parent and community member onto the Local Advisory Board. If you are interested in finding out more, please do come and see me to discuss.   Finally, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Christingle service at the church next Wednesday 9.15am, which will be the first of our Christmas celebrations. The children are busy learning Christmas songs and finding out all about Christingle in preparation for this service. Many thanks to Rev Jim for organising this.   Helen Woodhams, Head of School  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

2 Blog Posts found

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